I am not what you would call your typical “nature lover.” I’m no “hippie tree huger,” nor vegan, nor animal rights activist, I simply have a great admiration, appreciation and respect for all things of the earth.

I was born in the city, the big A, but have spent most of my life in what used to be the “country.” Never was I an all out “tom-boy” or a “girlie-girl.” I think I have always possessed a good mix of both. Yes, I will be in my yard in my designer jeans while feeding the animals or pulling up weeds…yep, that’s me, I am that girl!

I have always lived near the woods and been around wildlife in someway, but it was not until recently, after moving into our new home, that I started to stop and quietly pay attention to everything else that was going on around me rather than just in me. It is that moment of quiet observation that awoke in me this passion for all things of Mother Nature.

Plus, I have experienced more wildlife in our new backyard in the past 9 months than I have in my entire life. From the amazing whitetail deer to the crazy little chipmunks. Squirrels, birds, snakes, and rabbits to the astonishing Barred Owls. I mean it’s crazy at the number of different species living right outside my back door.

Next time you find yourself outdoors I urge you to stop and quietly take in all that is around you!

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