So as I sit here on my back deck, grilling our dinner on the grill, drinking a glass of wine, listening to music…louder than usual as to drown out the HIGHLY ANNOYING neighbors music (another story for another time), watching my deer feast on their dinner thrown out for them earlier…

This is it I think to myself. This is true bliss. A calm serenity sets in. It is in these moments where I stop and catch myself enamored with these amazing creatures that I am blessed to share my time with.

They are such curious and intriguing animals. Brave, yet so skittish. Bold, yet timid as heck. Beautiful and intelligent. I almost feel as one with them at moments, but then a sudden noise or a too quick movement on my part and I then realize as thy run off deep into the woods, that no, still not one of em. Lol

Either way, the peace I get from watching them in all their many behaviors and mannerisms is enough. They are my family. Whether they know it or not!

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