And this is what happens when the buck finally realizes that he has ventured too far out of his comfort zone on the opposite side of the yard…

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This just happened!!!

If you have had any interaction with whitetail deer, then I need give no explanation as to how crazy as well as amusing that this was.

As I sat on the steps of my back porch, watching the deer as they feast in my yard as they typically do, I am left speechless at this…

The buck deer are not frequent visitors to our yard like all of our Doe friends. The bucks do not hang out or stop by for a quick snack along their travels if us “humans” are anywhere to be found. As elusive as they are, everyone has to eat! I guess with all their recent antler growth, along with pumping up for the upcoming rut, they decide to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Here you will see how this poor old broke leg buck reacts once he realizes that I am literally sitting eye level with him only 4 feet away. Shockingly enough, he did not freak out as I thought he might, nor did he blow at me.

His look of astonishment on where I had come from is $$priceless$$!!



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