Well, I was just getting my July started when all of the sudden, August snuck up on me… I mean how the heck does this always happen? I mean, I’m pretty sure school just let out for summer break like a week or two ago, and there are still so many things that I had planned on doing if given the time, but oh well, what the buck? Guess there’s always next summer?!!? (Which I’m pretty certain is what I end up saying every end of summer!) wauwauwauuuu….

Ok, so what does any of this mean. Well, along with the everlasting “never enough time,” “wish I could have done more x, y, z,” and on and on, you know what I am talking about here. But rather than dwell on the “should of,” “could of,” “would of,” let’s give thanks to the many other miracles going on around us at this time of year. Instead of focusing on the end of our summer, let’s focus on nature’s miracles.

With these end of summer months also comes many new changes. A Doe gives birth to her first Fawn, becoming a mom for the first time. New baby fawns are exposed to the outside world for the first time ever. The Bucks antlers are in full growth mode. The young bucks with their ever growing new points, causing both greater confidence as well as greater anxiety, especially as it pertains to their place in this world. Changes are all around and let’s not forget the much anticipated fast approaching start of rut and the 2018 hunting season.

So when life has you asking, “What The Buck?” happened to my summer, just do like I have always done….say it with me…

“oh well, buck it!!” (there’s always next year!)



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