So I admit it, I am what you would call obsessed with my family, that also being my Deer Family. I love animals, probably more than I actually like humans.

Like my dog for instance, there’s no judging, no belittling, no making you feel inferior. Just unconditional love! I was raised on unconditional love. My parents knew what the true meaning of love was and they instilled that in me. Maybe that’s why I feel so in touch with wildlife.

Respect is a two way street. You give it and in return you get it. I care for my family, my human family as well as my animal family. But for me my animal family holds a special spot in my heart. Maybe it’s simply because they know nothing of me other than the fact that I feed them and give them a safe place to go. Regardless, my connection with them fills a hole that has been empty for years now….over 10 years to be exact and for that alone, I am blessed.

Let us all thank Mother Nature for all her glorious creations!

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