I did not grow up amongst a family of game hunters. My childhood was spent on Lake Lanier and fishing was probably the closest thing we ever did that was considered some form of hunting. I have always found great beauty in nature and therefore never truly understood the concept of hunting and killing one of Mother Nature’s creations.

Needless to say, my theories on this topic would only become more strongly on the side of the opposition after seeing the careless disrespect and disregard I witnessed in previous years while living in our first home, which was located on the opposite side of town from where we are today.

Our first home was in a culd-a-sac on the backside of the neighborhood and this small little dirt road ran right behind our fence connecting the main road to the next road over. Year after year I would be horrified at the amount of discarded deer carcasses that were half-hazardly just tossed out alongside this dirt road. How disgusting and disgraceful that people would do such vile things. If you are going to take the time to kill it, then by all means you should also take the time to properly dispose of it. My anger towards these “hunters” grew even more with distaste.

I know what some of you are thinking and to make it clear to you, yes, I know that that does not represent all hunters. I have recently been more interested and involved with the proper practices of quality deer management and standards. I am not anti-hunting, but I am anti-poaching, which is what I saw living in our old house.

The below images are only a small set of what I would see while driving my son to and from school most winters. It’s heartbreaking and does nothing more than confirm that not all life is treated equally. If you are this careless with your takings I hope that one day you might be given the same sort of treatment.

Please remember that true hunting is done so with respect to the land and the animals that it gives us. Hunt responsibly!

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