What state (the one you live in) symbols can you find in your very own yard?

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After finding many different creatures in my back yard and wanting to know exactly what specific species and animal it was I have found that in my very yard I am coming across many of my state of Georgia’s state symbols.

Obviously I have whitetail deer as my next of kin, but did you know that the whitetail deer is also the Georgia state mammal? (Me neither, until further research.) If you visit you can click on your state and learn all about the many different symbols recognized by your state as being their own.



The state amphibian is the Green Tree Frog, which I just happened to come across napping on my back porch yesterday.


I am now on a quest to find and photograph my state symbols that are found in nature in my own yard…I made my checklist:

1 – State Gem – Quartz

2 – State Reptile – Gopher Tortoise

3 – State Mineral – Staurolite

4 – State Insect – Honeybee

5 – State Game Bird – Bobwhite Quail

6 – State Flower – Cherokee Rose

7 – State Dog – Adoptable Dog – found download (5)

8 – State Bird – Brown Thrasher

9 – State Butterfly – Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

I know that some of these I may not get a glimpse of in my yard, but by all that I have encountered so far I believe anything is possible.

What can you find right in your back yard? Try it, let me know. You’ll be surprised how much is right outside your very own back door.

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