In all my years, never have I ever imagined being so close to so many wild animals. By “wild” I mean undomesticated woodland living creatures, not “wild” as in African safari gonna eat you “wild.” From chipmunks and squirrels to owls and rabbits and deer, Oh my! The wildlife I have fallen in love with is all around.

Noticing them, seeing them, taking note of them has turned into waiting and watching them, trying to learn as much as I can by just the little I witness. It becomes some what of an addiction.

The following video is of a Barred Owl who hunts in my yard very frequently, some weeks he is there every morning every day, all day. Never have I ever witnessed anything quite so spectacular and amazing. He is a patient hunter, as you will see in the clip, take note of all the other critters who invade his hunting area and how he never breaks. He also likes to have stare downs with me as well every time he sees me with my camera out.  (side note: I am NOT a good videographer, that is a definite work in progress!) 

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