The squirrels eat more than any of the other animals that frequent my yard. It’s like my yard is their never ending buffet. As I watch them converge on a pile of feed and corn mixture I notice them working in teams os sorts. The first one creeps in for the food, while the other slowly lingers in the back behind the one as it’s lookout. Just standing there on its back feet watching. It must signal the one feasting on the pile of food as that one quickly runs to a near by tree and hides himself behind it while finishing his meal.

The chipmunks and squirrels seem to co-exist with no issues. As the squirrels eat, the little chipmunks bolt back and forth from the food pile gathering their take. Mother Nature is a funny thing. The more I witness the more complexity I find among these otherwise uncivilized creatures.

How they adapt, how they survive, where they live, how they handle other creatures, all just some of the many questions that I hope to uncover some sort of an answer to.

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