Don’t laugh…ok, nvm you can laugh. So my husband decided that he wanted to name our favorite (don’t tell the others please) daily visitor and his new found deer “girlfriend.” She comes to eat and has no qualms with walking almost all the way out of the woods into the middle of our open backyard. She is the only deer regular that we have whose curiosity and desire for a good meal out weight her natural instincts.

She is a loner…


I have overtime been able to come to this conclusion. But with that comes so much more. Her spirit is undeniable and she is extremely inquisitive and curious. Brazen almost. Regardless of the fact that she knows in her gut that we are not like her, but somehow understands that we will not do her harm.


I feel a strong connection to Annie-Belle, I myself am what you might consider to be a “loner.” Almost in the same sense as she. I lost my mother when I was in my mid twenties…much too early and rather unexpected. Annie-Belle seemingly has lost her mother as well, and I am sure that just like me, to Annie-Belle it was totally unexpected and she was far too young for this loss to happen. Yet she has continued on. She is still very much alive and holding her ground among the others. Despite the fact!

When I first started this post I hadn’t yet made the exact connection that I was feeling for this beautiful young doe. It’s truly amazing to me to finally get it! I get it now, now I know why I feel a deeper connection to this deer…because she is me!

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