The woods are a mysterious place. Once you begin to focus and truly pay attention to the world living outside of yourself the things that you start to see are astonishing and to think that they have been there the whole time and you never noticed until now!?! It is somewhat crazy and unbelievable to think about.

It’s been raining here for the past two days after a fairly long dry hot spell. The animals seek shelter under the cover of the woods and my visits from them are less. But wait…the rain eases and it’s all out run to the buffet for as much food as one can possibly gorge on before having to retreat back to the shelter of the woods. The squirrels are my largest group of “dinners,” the ones that are already way healthier than any other squirrels I have ever seen. They come out in herds it appears, lol, no not really, but when you look out over the backyard the landscape is covered with those little gray bodies chowing down. I sometimes think that they are eating more of the corn and feed that is for the deer than the deer actually eat. Once the squirrels come out then it’s time to locate the infamous Mr. or Mrs. (I’m really not sure yet how to tell the sex of certain birds) Barred Owl, one of the most amazing “pets” I have visiting pretty much daily now. He has startled me on more than one occasion while he was hunting and I not being present outside of myself, not to mention that they are completely silent flyers! The smaller birds still stay fairly hidden, singing to one another every now and again. The cackling crows decide to annoyingly chime in. And then I wait…patiently wait…where are my favorites? When will my little deer brother and sister be back? The Doe has been coming by herself the past two days and feasting herself on as much feed as she possibly can get before being startled by some barking dog or screaming kids. Lol

So while I wait I will have some fun with the crazy squirrels and get some target practice in at the same time!!

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